The Coming Times of E-sports in the Philippines

E-sports in the Philippines have been coming into the national news media today

Now you may ask what exactly is E-sports? E-sports is a spectator sport that takes place online. Rather than watching a physical event, viewers watch video gamers compete.

Now students can aim to achieve higher competitive online gaming through AcadArena and Campus E-sports. For further context, "AcadArena is the leading organization for Campus Gaming and Esports Education in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Run by a unique team of seasoned esports natives and non-native professionals, AcadArena ensures that all student gamers are experiencing the best of what campus esports could offer." provided description by AcadArena itself.

Now what is Campus E-sports? Campus esports is a broad word that encompasses all facets of esports at the college level. Campus esports involves everything from competition to streaming to commentating to backend management, coaching, marketing, and design.

Recently E-sports in the Philippines have been funded 176 million pesos as a startup amount for the industry. Watch
CNN's video for a much more further context

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