Amidst the pandemic, online shopping has widely become prevalent as a platform to access goods and services. With this, shopping involvement rapidly changed its pace as demand for digital shopping proliferated. Twenty-first century witnessed the emergence of online shopping. Online media platforms are no longer just about facilitating self-expression, it has become a commonplace avenue for sellers and buyers. This innovation for the electronic market offers a wide range of necessities and goods to be consumed for buyers and also extending it to the delight of sellers for huge potential market and business activities; thus, paving way for easier accessibility in today’s world of technological advancement. Because of multiple benefits the online shopping proposes, many customers prefer to purchase products online rather than a physical store.

Currently, with the advent of pandemic, it has restricted certain movements in society including the means of personal communication for face-to-face transactions and business activities which has led a transition for online shopping to further boom and instantly raise demands. In terms of online purchases, teenagers are ranked as the most purchasing power today. Their habits and behavior are heavily influenced by the media, both printed and electronic. Wise retailers would definitely take the opportunity in creating a demand for them, such that of fashion. In the present market, the promising statistic of purchasing power of teenage youth leads to more opportunities to businesses and retailers in creating products to satisfy the demands.

Consumer involvement is defined as a state of mind that motivates consumers to identify with product/service offerings, their consumption patterns and consumption behavior. Involvement creates within consumers an urge to look for and think about the product/service category and the varying options before making decisions on brand preferences and the final act of purchase.

As more cities and towns experiencing lockdown, many nonessential businesses are ordered to close and customers are generally avoiding crowded public places thus, shopping was limited to essentials and beamed as new normal. The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and triggered changes in online shopping behaviors that are likely to have lasting effects.

The key takeaway is the need for the market to open their business horizon for change and adapt technological tools and innovations that secure vast business opportunities in the midst of swift societal transformation and conformity to technology. Due to the concern that was brought by the pandemic, the economy had its lowest regression in the last decade. Closure of many businesses and industries took a huge toll resulting to a significant decline in the economy.

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